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The club has compiled a list of the five most frequently asked questions.

1. What is United London FC and why was the club set up?

Our Chairman is a long suffering West Ham and England fan, two of the most frustrating teams on the planet. He often found himself disagreeing with the managerial decisions and thought that passionate fans would be able to do better if they picked the team amongst themselves. He wanted to create a club that fans could really influence on the pitch. Yes, they're fan owned clubs who have a committee and get involved in the business side, but as a huge fan of the Football Manager series he knew that all the fun was in picking the team so United London was born.

2. Do fans really get to pick the team and who looks after training and match days?

Yes, fans pick the team democratically. Each manager has their own account and can choose from the players who are available for that week. They get to vote on the formation that the team will play and also the players who will start each week. From their we have a small coaching staff who will collectively have to traing and motivate the players you choose in training and on match days. If there is an injury or substitution that needs making, the coaches will make that automatically to give the team the best chance of winning a match. Eventually, once our app is launched, we would like to introduce new features such as voting on substitutes during a match and even choosing penalty takers should we get one!

3. How can we follow the team and find out more about the players we are voting on?

You can follow the club on any desktop, tablet or mobile device, athough you cannot vote on a mobile just yet. We plan on launching apps for both Android and iPhone in October 2017 which means that everyone will be able to join in. 

A really cool feature we have implemented is the new Match Day Centre. When we have a match, statistics will be collected at the side of the pitch and displayed in real-time so you can follow the action as it happens. We currently film matches and edit highlights with full commentary for your viewing pleasure which are available every Wednesday on our YouTube channel. Please CLICK HERE to watch and don't forget to subscribe. Of course, you are always welcome to come down to a game and watch us for real at no cost.

4. Are you a fantasy football team?

No, although we have based the team selection process with the same methadology and once the app is launched you will see a new feature that allows you to challenge your friends and colleague each week to see who is the better manager. More information will be released on this next month. 

5. Is it free to play?

Yes, being a manager of United London is free. We want to create a club that football fans can interact with anywhere on the planet. You can vote, watch the club, interact with other managers and more. So, what is stopping you becoming a real football manager?

Sign up today and be part of a footballing revolution! 

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