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  • Goodbye Fenton Cup

With the Reserves crashing out of the Fenton Cup against London Cranes on Saturday, we say goodby to hopes of lifting the trophy for the 2017/2018 season. To be fair to both teams, we came up against strong opponents and just couldn't quite manage it on the day but the club are proud of the players efforts.

With hindsight we are not to dissapointed to be out as it left so many players cup tied that it because a major headache for managers who were not given enough choice to make proper selections. If the First Team remain in the Essex Alliance next year, the club will probably elect not to enter two teams in the competition unless we have c40 regular and reliable players signed up.

We would like to wish both Docklands Albion and London Cranes all the best in the competition.

Looking ahead we kick off our London Junior Cup competition campaign against Press Association. We know very little about this club other than they play in Arsenal's awy kit. Seriously, that is the extend of our scouting!

The date is the 4th November and we have a later kick-off time of 4pm scheduled due to pitch availability issues. Last year we reached Round 3 but with only the Premier Division Cup to focus on with the Essex Alliance this year we'll be hoping to go all the way!

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